Marketing for Developers – the book by Justin Jackson

Marketing for Developers – the book

A guide to marketing your software, apps, and digital products

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  • PDF (high quality + small size version)
  • ePUb
  • Mobi
  • 7 audio chapters
  • Worksheets: Google UTM Tracker, Prospects Ranked by Priority, Audience Discovery
  • Code sample: implementing Segment tracking in a simple HTML form

What's included?

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The book
Marketing for Developers – 2nd edition.pdf
17.7 MB
Marketing for Developers – 2nd edition.epub
18.7 MB
Marketing for Developers – 2nd
7.56 MB
Google UTM Tracker.xlsx
15 KB
Audio: Chapter 1, Hello World.mp3
9 mins
Audio: Chapter 2, Define your goal.mp3
4 mins
Audio: Chapter 3, How to succeed.mp3
8 mins
Audio: Chapter 4, Find your audience.mp3
11 mins
Audio: Chapter 5, Research.mp3
9 mins
Audio: Chapter 6, Target pain.mp3
11 mins
Audio: Chapter 7, Lean Marketing Stack.mp3
11 mins
Prospects by Priority.numbers
120 KB
Prospects by Priority.xls
1.42 MB
49.6 KB
58.4 KB
89.9 KB
Video Tutorial 0: Hello World.mp4
7 mins

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My name is Justin - I’ve been a marketing and growth consultant for SaaS companies since 2008. It’s my passion to help people DIY their success.