Teach & Earn by Justin Jackson

Teach & Earn

Earn an independent income by teaching online


For devs, designers, entrepreneurs, teachers, writers, and artists.

What's included?

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Welcome to Teach & Earn!
6 mins
Workbook: define your goal
How do you choose your topic?
12 mins
Workbook: find your audience
Create your MVP
6 mins
Run a local workshop
Start with a local workshop
6 mins
Using Meetup and Eventbrite
9 mins
Promote your workshop
6 mins
Plan your workshop
8 mins
Workshop checklist
11 mins
Local Workshop Checklist.pdf
55.7 KB
Run an online workshop
Running an online workshop
5 mins
What equipment will you need?
6 mins
Hosting an online workshop (Part 1)
11 mins
Hosting an online workshop (Part 2)
9 mins
Final thoughts
2 mins
Bonus: HTML template
174 KB
Create an online course
Introduction to course creation
3 mins
Creating your course on WordPress
19 mins
Creating your course on Coach
12 mins

I help software companies get more customers.

I'm Justin. I've been helping SaaS businesses grow since 2008.